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We bring compelling ideas to life by connecting people together.

Our Story


We think ideas should be compelling. The best ones attract attention, inspire action, and have that special something people find hard to resist.

Similar to how a soup needs a thickener to reach maximum flavor, we lead with innovation and convergent, experiential thinking to reach epic results. We started Ideaison (pronounced eye-dee-ay-zon) because we realized that the best way to come up with truly great ideas is to simply focus our time and thought on things we actually care about. We believe that genuine enthusiasm is rocket fuel for smart strategies and creative solutions.

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By influencing the opinions and purchasing decisions of your buying community, we give brands a human face. 

The idea of reaching buyers through influence is not new, but the advent of social media and its 24/7 impact on our lives allows for scaling of opinions. Plus, it allows us to find those opinions much more easily and quickly than before.

To determine if a person has the ability to be influential to your brand, we look holistically at their footprint. We must assess their relevance and resonance as much as their reach. That’s not to say reach isn’t important, but we strive for authenticity over all else. If not, the audience will call you out. Inclusive of:

  1. Curated Programs & Strategy
  2. Relationship Management
  3. Effectiveness Measurement

We’re in the experience economy. People—especially millennials—want to buy experiences, not things.

With the rise of ever-changing technology and short attention spans, our audience has the capacity to take in many tracks of sensory content at the same time, and are increasingly hungry for it.

Brands have a great opportunity to be inserted into the framework of an experience or festival/event to create impact. This impact is caused by a deep emotional connection triggered by forging contact to the analog world.

We create deep relationships between the consumer and the brand to stimulate positive emotions, a sense of presence and a chance to rewrite the existing social contract. Branded immersive work is powerful, transformative, repeatable and scalable. We advocate for the fan to use their own agency to co-create the story of your brand. If done well, it will lead to heightened brand loyalty and an increase in sales.

  1. Activations & Immersive Environments
  2. Festivals & Events
Brand & Content Strategy

If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. If you think everyone is your target market, you’ve already lost.

We help identify your brand’s white space and hone in on it. Then, we build the right army to help you amplify it.

Now more than ever, brands must create connections and interactions with customers as the demand for relevant, thoughtful and content is increasing ever rapidly.

  1. Branding, Naming & Messaging
  2. Strategy & Research
  3. Custom Sites & Social Content
  4. Campaign Creation & Execution



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